Medical Cannabis

Our North Seattle location is under construction, we are receiving aa high number of calls. Please be patient with us as we build you a facility for all of your healthcare needs.

 For a quick response email info@botanicalhealthcare.org for appointments & questions.

Medical Cannabis has changed rapidly in Seattle, Washington. The Hope Clinics & Hope Clinic are now a Botanical Healthcare  option~ A healthcare option for your entire family’s needs. We are please to be able to serve you at in home appointments, Hospice facilitating, Adult family care & scheduled or walk-in clinic appointments. We also offer three visits a year with enrollment. Doctors in our clinic will consider medical marijuana card for a treatment option. Cannabis therapies and raw remedies for therapies might be offered.Medical Cannabis, Medical marijuanna

What makes our  company  different?

  • Our Company is leading the industry in developing RAW (non-psychoactive) cannabinoids;
  • Cannabis is an herb; it contains hundreds of pharmaceutical compounds. We believe that RAW (non-psychoactive) cannabinoids should be regarded with the same respect and consideration as any other pharmaceutical. Prescribed and administered under and by medical professional Should be allowed.
  • We have found optimum delivery methods of administration of the medicine into human body. 
  • Our trained, knowledgeable and professional specialists will be available to answer any questions that patient  might have, and help them find the right product for their condition. They will apply all of their knowledge of all aspects of the cannabis plant and its therapeutic value to the treatment of multiple serious medical conditions.
  • Our company securely maintains records of our patients’ order history and experience, so we can make educated recommendations that support our patients  individual needs.
  • Highest  Product Quality is our top priority, We test our products on 4 different stages: from seed to flower, and from concentrated oil to final products;
  • All of our cannabis products are passed through outside Medical Grade laboratory testing facility to assure the highest and consistent quality our patients deserve. We ensure that everything we carry is organic and there are no spider mites, chemicals, mold, or pesticides and herbicides. 
  • With the administration of RAW (non-psychoactive) cannabinoids our medical providers can sustain “reverse tolerance effect” in most of our patients, which will help them manage  already “drained” family budget. No other companies that I know of, are offering this insight.
  • Our company recommends the use of consistent  Custom to each patient Measured and precisely dosed medical cannabis products delivered in a medical form as an alternative therapy
Cannabis Stories
Be apart of creating #Herstory MaryJane has been criminalized and taken away. Be heard! Let your story be know!

Medical Cannabis and what the next few months and New year looks like to you and you medical cannabis needs.



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