Medical Marijuana

'because you have the right to choose"
‘because you have the right to choose”

Medical Marijuana & Washington State

Cannabis is a botanical medicine that has brought relief to people with a variety of conditions. Your PCP (Primary Care Provider) can work with you on obtaining your recommendation to use medical cannabis for your wellness (also referred to as a WMMP).

Cannabis marijuana
The More you know the more your grow!

Having the yearning for knowledge will enevitably help in your knoewlge of cannabis. Cultivation, strains, harvest, terpenes, CBD, THC, THCA, THVA, CBD, CBGB, Sativas, Inidcas, and hybrids! The list goes on! We Like for all of our cannbis on the go information.

Cannabis Stories
Be apart of creating #Herstory MaryJane has been criminalized and taken away. Be heard! Let your story be know!

Be sure to pick up a CannaLife Magazine to be a part of the cannabis legalization! They are launching October 2016 for PNW publishing. January they will make their West Coast debut then followed by a national distribution in April 2017 for the 420 issue! CannaLife is a Womens magazine with health & beauty tips, fashion & fitness and DIY all with Cannabis & Hemp. Make sure to check them out!



Your rights are being taken away!